Arabic Inspired Serveware For Your Next Breakfast

Arabic serveware

I have always been committed to preserving my Arab culture with my family. One way I embark on this delicious exploration of my Arabic heritage is through the lens of food. 

The heart of my morning ritual lies in the vibrant colors and rich flavors of a traditional Arabic breakfast. From warm flatbreads to flavorful olives and aromatic herbs such as Zaatar, each dish tells a story that transcends generations. In a recent Instagram video, I shared how these breakfasts are more than just a meal—they are a connection to my roots and a celebration of identity.

Adding a touch of authenticity to this experience is Hebron Arts, a Palestinian-owned small business that crafts exquisite ceramic bowls and olive oil jars. These beautifully crafted pieces not only enhance the visual appeal of my breakfast spread but also serve as a reminder of the artisans behind them, contributing to the preservation of Palestinian cultural heritage.

My gold vintage pot, which I filled with foul, a combination of Lava beans, garlic, olive oil, and veggies was a huge hit. But unfortunately this piece was sourced from Turkey so I don’t have specific links for it but I highly suggest you visit your local Turkish and Middle Eastern markets to see if they have any decorative items sourced from the region.

Arabic serveware

Beyond traditional kitchenware, I also encourage everyone to think outside the box—or, in this case, outside the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use non-kitchen items like vintage gold trays and bowls as unique food platters. These unconventional choices not only make your table visually captivating but also reflect the diverse and creative spirit of sharing a meal that goes beyond borders.

In essence, my breakfast table becomes a canvas where the past and present intertwine, showcasing the beauty of Arabic culture. Through the lens of Hebron Arts and other tableware choices, I invite you to join me in savoring the richness of heritage, one delightful breakfast at a time.

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