Guinwa’s Guide: Best gift ideas for your 3 year old daughter

best gift ideas for 3 year old

We officially have a 3 year old you guys! We threw a pumpkin themed birthday for her and my family flew in to celebrate with us so it made it even more special. Every year serves as a reminder for me that kids really don’t care for the fancy decor but rather the gifts they get so if you are planning a birthday on a budget, save on the decor. A few balloons, a candle, a cake, and lots of presents will make any toddler super excited.

The excitement on my daughter’s face when unboxing these gifts she received from everyone was everything! If you have a 3 year old birthday party coming up and not sure what to gift the birthday girl, I summed up the best gift ideas that will make any 3 year old LOVE you! 

best gift ideas for 3 year olds

  1. Makeup Kit: Most 3 year olds are OBSESSED with makeup and my daughter is no different so I had to get her one of those.
  2. Pretend play laundry: Kids at this age are really into pretend play and she’s been helping me with laundry lately so this will come in handy. Pretend play toys help build independence and encourages imagination so I am all for it.
  3. Tricycle: This is the chicest tricycle on the market and it comes in 4 different colors with a basket to store some snacks or her favorite plush toy.
  4. Garden building stem toy: Believe me when I tell you BOTH my kids spent a good 45 minutes on this toy. It causes no mess and is a fun way to teach kids about flowers and their different parts.
  5. Mini purse: This has everything in it to make your daughter feel like a little diva. The phone probably was my daughter’s favorite part. She spent a good portion of her birthday pretending to speak on the phone with her other friends and no one was allowed to disturb her. I’m telling you, we are a true threenager! 
  6. Doll high chair: We already invested in a crib and a stroller for our doll so I wanted to expand our collection if I am being completely honest.
  7. Makeup vanity: My daughter is such a girly girl so I know she will LOVE this especially when getting ready everyday. 
  8. Princess dress up: She actually asked me for princess shoes and a tiara so I thought this gift would be perfect for her.
  9. Karaoke Microphone: My daughter is a singer so this is just what I needed to hear her voice all day ? it has a list of popular kids songs that your kids can sing along to! I am an adult and enjoyed this gift very much.

I added a few extra gift ideas in the shop widget below if you are looking for more options. Serena also received some REALLY cute clothing items but I thought they deserved a separate post! Let me know if you guys would be interested in that.

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