Brother and Sister Matching Outfit Ideas

brother and sister matching outfit

If there’s anything I love more than shopping for my kids, it’s shopping for matching outfits for them. This can be a bit challenging since I am trying to match opposite gender outfits but I think I became somewhat of an expert in that department thanks to my online shopping “hobby” and a few trial and errors.

To save you guys the hassle, I have put together a few matching sibling outfits that are a total vibe for this season! Happy shopping

Styling tips

brother and sister matching outfit

brother and sister matching outfits

brother and sister matching outfit

brother and sister matching outfit

brother and sister matching outfit

Some of my favorite stores to buy their matching outfits from are Zara, GAP, Old Navy, Janie and Jack and Etsy. A few helpful tips when matching opposite gender outfits without losing your mind trying to find the exact same items are:

  • You don’t have to dress them in the exact same item but you can match either the colors or the pattern; some of my favorite patterns to match are animal prints and the checkered prints
  • Search for brands that already create matching family outfits like Hanna Anderson whose known for her matching family pajamas
  • When it doubt, opt for gender neutral colors.
  • You can also match textures such as linens and opt for a linen set for your kids especially during the Spring and Summer season. For fall, opt for suede pieces.
  • Holidays are your opportunity to buy matching outfits and pajamas! 

I managed to get you guys a discount code from Miniolie. They have an entire family matching tab on their website. I recently purchased my kids their toddler NY shirt and short set and got so many compliments on it. Click here to shop the set

Use code guinwa-ig for 20% off your purchase. Happy shopping!

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