Holiday Gift Guide for the Kid that has EVERYTHING

holiday gift guide for kids

I have summed up the best toys that are ideal for kids between the age of 1-3 years old. Every one of these toys has been approved by my kids so if you are shopping for your own kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, we guarantee you that any of these toys will make you their favorite!

kids gift guide

Bumper car 

This bumper car has been my number one most sold kids toy ever since I posted a video of Serena driving it. We even used it as part of our gender reveal video last year. Comes in a variety of different colors and you can order a custom name sticker from Etsy to make it more personable. 

Play Kitchen

kids holiday gift guide

I don’t know one child that does not love a play kitchen and this particular one is modern and chic! It also has an ice dispenser. I’ve added a pizza set, ice cream set, egg matching case, fruit cutting set, kitchen appliances, and baking cookie set to place in the oven. It’s also currently 53% off! 

Mackenzie child tea set 

kids holiday gift guide

This would make the best toddler tea party! although there are so many different tea sets on the market, this is my favorite and matches my Mackenzie child kitchen items. It comes with napkins and a tablecloth so you can even have a fun picnic with it! 

Custom kids chair 

kids holiday gift guide

There are many variations of this plush chair however, my kids seem to love the character ones! You can customize some of these chairs by adding their name on it as well. It’s also light and can be carried around.


kids holiday gift guide

Seated or standing, this scooter is ideal for beginners! It’s super chic, fun, and comes in a variety of colors. We bought one for Serena during our stay in Dubai and she would love riding it around the neighborhood and in the mall. 

Panda Trampoline

kids holiday gift guide

Every kid gets excited about a trampoline so why not go big with this netted panda one we found! Buy it separately or add some balls on the inside for added fun! 

Doll house 

kids holiday gift guide

Doll houses are considered part of the “core” toys that are timeless. They are a great way to play make-believe and encourages social etiquette, creativity, and language development. What makes these doll houses so fun are the accessories that you can add to them so don’t skip on those. 

Doll pram 

kids holiday gift guide

Another popular toy from my daughter’s room was this doll pram. Over the years we have added a few more doll accessories to the collection such as a matching high chair, closet, and bed. These look so cute as decor pieces, photoshoot props, but also are a great way for kids to play pretend with their favorite dolls. 

Bounce house 

kids holiday gift guide

This bounce house can be used both indoors and outdoors and is the perfect touch to any kids birthday party! This one also comes in two sizes. 

Baby doll outfit set 

kids holiday gift guide

One thing I learned form my toddlers is that you can never have too many dolls. & because it’s rare that I find a baby doll for boys, this had to make my list this year! It comes with multiple outfit changes both dressy and laid back. 

American girl sports car 

kids holiday gift guide

Initially I wanted to add a full size toddler car to my list until I saw this American doll sports car and fell in love! Comes with a remote and fits your favorite American doll or two. It includes a horn, reverse lights, and a seatbelt for each doll! If a remote control sports car for dolls isn’t what you had in mind, here are a few more options for you:

Up and down roller coaster 

kids holiday gift guide

We had this roller coaster for 2 years and it still remains as an attention grabber whenever we have kids over! It’s so much fun for the kids and comes in different variations, all linked below.

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