My Big Arab American Wedding: What it’s all about

Hey guys, thank you for stopping by! I wanted to start this blog post by thanking you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog posts. It means so much to me and I’m always monitoring what content best resonates with you in order for me to produce better content. It’s a work in progress. Just like the series, it was my first time producing a reality show web series and it was DIFFICULT. 

We started filming in June and had so many complications along the way. I wanted my series to be both entertaining and educational without having to sound like I am preaching so hard. I wanted it to be laid back, and to give you an honest look on what goes on when planning a wedding along with the Arab wedding traditions and the Lebanese “obsession” of constantly competing to have the best wedding while neglecting what truly matters: the love you and your partner have, and the future you will build together. The wedding should just be the cherry on top.

I had an amazing videography team in Vegas to capture some elements of the wedding planning but the editing of each episode took WEEKS. I did not want to release any episode until I felt like it had some value or was somewhat entertaining. The real struggle however, was filming overseas. I will take some of the responsibility myself for not checking the videographers work prior to working with them but you guys, HALF THE FOOTAGE HAD NO AUDIO and was out of focus. That definitely did discourage me but me and my lovely sister Nagam, sat down and tried our hardest to pick the best footage out of everything we got to create a storyline that closely resembles what truly happened with us and then sent it over to a great editing team to work their magic.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy what we have coming for you guys. I hope it helps you better understanding the Arab wedding traditions, give you a closer look at our wedding planning process, and help you avoid some of the mistakes I did. There were many hiccups, but I loved every single second of it and can’t wait to see all of our hard work unveil on December, 28, 2018.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the first episode of My Big Arab American Wedding, airing on December 12, 2018. There will be some giveaways and surprises for our viewers. Also, please let me know what aspect of the wedding planning process or/and my transition from miss to mrs. you are most interested in so that I can make sure to share with you :).

Love you guys,

Guinwa Z.