My Recent Amazon Purchases


I know I’m not the only one that over spends on amazon each month but can you blame me? I love finding my next favorite product on there and the two day shipping is an added bonus! I’m summing up my recent Amazon purchases for the month of May hoping you guys will find something you like.

Chunky Slippers – Bought these in two different colors to wear around the house and I love how stylish and comfortable they are.

JW PEI Bag – Opted for a yellow color in the JW PEI hobo bag which I’ve shared the white version of in my previous partnership with Amazon lifestyle on Instagram. This bag comes packaged so nicely, so chic, and perfect for the summer season!

Manual food processor – I discovered this during my stay in Dubai and loved it so much that I had to order another one. I liked this particular one because it’s bigger than the one I had purchased in Dubai. It’s great to chop up onions, tomatoes, and even cauliflower to get some cauliflower rice. I love using it to dice up food for my kids.

Vintage glassware – If you don’t think these cups are a vibe, then we can’t be friends.

Over the sink drying rack – I love this drying rack although it was very tedious putting it together (thanks hubby for assembling it). It sits right on top of the sink so it doesn’t take up too much space and it’s big enough to fit lots of dishes, cups, post, and it even has a compartment for your cutting boards.

Kids modern kitchen – When my husband first saw this, it reminded him of our kitchen in our modern home in Las Vegas and I don’t blame him. It’s white, modern, and has gold detailing. This is not our average kitchen, it’s the real deal and my kids LOVE it.

Car TV screens – This was worth every penny as it made our car rides with two kids a lot more enjoyable. It’s also cheaper to go buy and install it in your car than to have your car dealership install it for you. It’s easy to install, all you need is some internet in the car and your kids can enjoy youtube or even Netflix on their car ride.

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