Welcoming Fall into My Home the Elegant Way

fall home decor

Fall is here, and it’s my favorite time of the year! While I may not be a fan of the typical orange wreaths and pumpkin spice everything, I absolutely love adding some subtle fall decor touches to my home. Here’s how I’ve brought the cozy autumn vibes indoors this year:

1. Dining Table

To keep the focus on my statement chandelier, I opted for simplicity. I placed two elegant black ruffle bowls from Arhaus and nestled some soft cushion pumpkins in the center.

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2. Kitchen Counter

My Mackenzie-Childs cake stand takes center stage here, I added  little black faux pumpkins and topped it with a glass dome. A “Gather” sign I found at HomeGoods completes the look.

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3. Shelves

Shelves are perfect for adding seasonal decor. I replaced a bowl I had on top of my books with a neutral-colored pumpkin that  blends with my home’s aesthetic. I found my pumpkin at Homegoods back in August when all the good pumpkins were still out. 

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4. Amber and Green Candle Holders

I have these in clear but I couldn’t resist buying them in amber and green for fall! These would look stunning on a dining table as well but because of the shape and size of my chandelier, I added them to my coffee table instead.

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5. Fall Mugs

These adorable fall-themed mugs are perfect for hosting events. Whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or a cozy evening with friends, they’re versatile for serving coffee, tea, or even dessert like ice cream or pudding.

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