What I packed for my kids for Aspen

what to pack for your kids for aspen

Just like most mamas with little ones, packing to go to a snow destination is stressful. Especially when you are not friends with the cold weather but will make the sacrifice to give your kids a fun snow experience. Here is exactly what I packed for my kids for Aspen.

Layering pieces

Whether your kids decide to ski or not, you will definitely need to buy them thermals to wear under their clothes. I find thermals to keep them warmer than regular undergarments because they retain warmth and are fast absorbing. We packed 2 pairs of thermals for each child.

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Ski outfits

what to pack for your kids for aspen

what i packed for my kids for Aspen

This is where all the fun is at! I LOVED searching for matching ski outfits for my toddlers even though my son is too young to ski, I still thought it would be so cute to have him in a ski outfit as well. Plus it would keep him warm and protected for tubing and other toddler appropriate snow activites. I found a ton of similar and more affordable ski outfits for you guys at Walmart.

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Dinner outfits

what I packed for my kids for aspen

You will need a few dinner outfits for your kids. I stocked up on some sweaters, picked up a few tights, a winter dress and skirts for my daughter  and some corduroy pants, a white button up for layering, and sweater vests for my son. I also packed 2 puffer jackets for each kid to wear on top of their outfits to keep them nice and warm.

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Snow accessories

You will definitely need some gloves, beanies, wool socks, and snow shoes. We forgot to pack gloves for our kids so we ended up purchasing some in Aspen from  a kids clothing store located in downtown Aspen called Monkey’s. It literally has everything you may need for your kids. If you have a toddler,I highly suggest you buy them mittens with strings to avoid losing them.

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