What to wear to your sister’s engagement party

what I wore to my sister's engagement

As the sister of the bride to be,  it can be tricky to figure out what to wear. I actually had a custom dress to celebrate the special occasion but the fitting was off so instead, I found myself in a spiral trying to figure out what the appropriate attire should be. If you are stuck in a similar boat, I got you! 

Whether it’s a casual backyard barbecue or a formal ballroom soiree, you’ll want to look polished and appropriate for the occasion. You don’t want to outshine the couple BUT you also want to look slightly elevated from the guests attending. At the end of the day, it’s your sister’s engagement. Here are some tips on what to wear to celebrate the engaged couple. 


For a formal affair:

For a formal affair, go for an elegant dress or a sequined jumpsuit. You want to pick something classic and timeless rather than trendy. You don’t want to look at those family photos 10 years from now and regret what you were wearing.  As for color, pick an appropriate color for the season but regardless, one rule you should never break and that is: NEVER wear white. Not to the engagement party, not to the bridal shower, and absolutely not to the wedding. For a winter engagement, a green, red, gold, silver, or black outfit would be ideal. For a summer engagement, consider yellow, purple, or blue. Add touches of glamour to your look with tasteful accessories like velvet gloves, a sparkly bag, and some sophisticated jewelry.

Here are a few dresses that I had ordered for the engagement party but unfortunately did not arrive on time. I also linked a STUNNING jumpsuit from Elie Saab that I was so tempted to buy but didn’t because it wasn’t anywhere near my size and getting it altered would be a headache. Plus, a few other chic formal outfits.

Shop formal engagement outfits:

Nadine Merabi is another excellent choice. I ordered their Chrissy red dress but that did not arrive on time either. Lesson to be learned: Order your dresses ahead of time and don’t depend on expedited shipping ESPECIALLY during the Holiday season. 

For a more relaxed gathering: 

what I wore to my sister's engagement

If your sister’s engagement party is going to be more relaxed and during the day, opt for something chic but comfortable. Consider an elevated coord set or an airy maxi dress. To add an extra touch of style, incorporate bold accessories such as statement earrings or fun headbands. Skip the sequins but feel free to go for a an outfit with some feathers or ruffles on it. 

No matter what type of gathering you’re attending for your sister’s engagement celebration, make sure that your attire is suitable for the occasion. Keep it stylish yet understated so that all eyes will remain focused on the happy couple!

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