4 Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try

4 Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try

Halloween is right around the corner so you probably should start brainstorming some ideas. To help you out, here are some of my favorite looks that will make you a stand out this halloween.

Khaleesi from Game of Throne

If you are a Game of Throne fanatic, there is no better way to prove it than dressing up as Khaleesi this Halloween! The key to this look is creating the illusion of a deep eyelid crease and achieving the right eyebrow shape. Watch the tutorial on YouTube


We’ve seen it all. Unicorn hot chocolate, unicorn ice-cream, even a Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks so why not go for a Unicorn Make-up look this Halloween? And since I am a believer of “go big or go home” this make-up tutorial by Kristen Leanne screams “SO EXTRA”! Watch the tutorial on YouTube

Rainbow Vomit

A pretty wild make-up look I should say but these snapchat filters have been in and everybody is still obsessing about them. If you are into colors and standing out then this make-up tutorial is for you. Watch the tutorial on YouTube

Snapchat Butterfly Filter

Talk about being ADORABLE this Halloween! This look is very simple to achieve, we are talking about radiant makeup, soft pink lips, and heavy lashes. Watch the tutorial on YouTube

Which make-up look will you be going for this Halloween? Comment below