5 LESSONS I LEARNED ABOUT CHASING MY DREAMS [su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]L[/su_dropcap]Life can be a little overwhelming. From managing your social, personal, and work life to setting time aside to chase those big dreams.

Just like all the ambitious women out there, I am a woman with big dreams. I have set big goals that require a lot of work and commitment in order to make them a reality and at times, it can get overwhelming trying to figure everything out. ESPECIALLY that life is great at kicking you in the face just to serve as a reminder that big dreams never come easy but, they’re not impossible.

Here are five (short) lessons I learned about chasing my dreams and staying focused:

chasing dreams

Seek Answers

The only way you will receive the answers to your questions is by asking the right people. Utilize your resources and network to seek answers that will help you in exploring your dreams. For instance, before meeting with my mentor, I ALWAYS had a list of questions to ask him. I take notes, tested out his suggestions, and came up with other follow up questions for our next meeting. “If you’re not seeking, you are not growing” – Guinwa Zeineddine, cause I am pretty sure I just made that quote up.

Network, network, and network!!!

Knowledge can only get you so far. Without networking, you might make things harder on yourself. Join a network of professionals who are in your career. You never know, they can be the reason you land your next big job. Join organizations, associations, or even travel to different markets that have the audience you are looking for hence, my move to Los Angeles.

Learn Grit

If you haven’t heard of the Grit concept, I suggest you get on your research game! To summarize the concept, it’s basically the idea of having the perseverance and passion to continue pursuing your future goals, its your willingness to stick through the hard times, and your endurance to keep trying after failing. This is something that you are either naturally born with or something that you need to learn to foster. Regardless, learn to have grit and once you do, learn to have more grit. Here’s how: Click here

Take Chances (if your situation allows you to)

Each person’s situation differs. However, if you are like me, in your twenties and just graduated college, this is your opportunity to take chances – travel around, meet new people, invest, indulge in new adventures. Your 20’s will determine your 30’s, so take chances but be wise. Don’t exhaust your bank account buying every single designer purse on the market, or 10 pairs of Louboutins. What I meant by chances is possibly starting your own company, taking a class to further your education, investing in stocks, or even moving to a different state for better job opportunities. My move to California was daunting but it had to be done. I realized that in order to chase my dreams, I need to be in a different market, away from my comfort zone. I took a chance, and this chance wouldn’t have been feasible if my situation was different. So if you are single, with no kids, and no SERIOUS responsibilities holding you back from taking chances that can be risky, you need to get on it!!!!

Know your worth

I admit, millennials, including myself, have a sense of entitlement. We think we are the best and deserve the best. We all want to be that top 1% when in reality, its your foundation – the education attained, work experience, and hard skills, that will provide you with the best opportunities. Therefore, you have to be willing to start working and building yourself from the bottom up.  But, you need to know your worth. Whether its asking for a pay raise, a job promotion, or leaving an unhealthy situation, you need to know when to speak up and when to walk away. If your dream job is to have your own fashion boutique and you found this amazing opportunity to intern as an assistant stylist for a few months, GREAT! Take the opportunity, learn as much as you can and grow from it. However, there are boundaries. It does not mean that you are expected to ALWAYS work for “free”. It does not mean that your rights can be abused just because you are an intern and it does not mean that you can’t be assertive yet polite when communicating your expectations. You need to know your worth and avoid being put in situations where your time and efforts are being abused. Heard the quote “Know your worth then add tax”? Exactly that.