A Valentine’s Day Inspired Look

valentine makeup look

Happy love month my loves ❤️  In honor of February, I wanted to do a fun valentine’s day look. This look can definitely be worn without the white hearts but for those who dare to be bold, you can opt for this look as is. I ended up having to go to the mall right after filming this look so I removed the white hearts on my way there to tone it down a bit. I was surprised by how many compliments I got on it from both men and women.

This look was inspired by this photo I found on pinterest. However, I wanted to make a few changes. Even though applying white eyeliner in your inner eyelid is known to make your eyes look bigger, I do not feel like white liners suits me so I opted for a black liner and mascara instead and embraced my natural lashes.

valentine's day makeup

Achieve the look: