Home Decor Items You Must Have

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Being a newly wed, I recently have been OBSESSED with home decor. I keep buying new decor items and I can’t get enough. We recently moved into our condo and I am LOVING it. I never lived in a high rise condo before so it’s a great experience especially for newly weds. We have a great view of the strip and lots of amenities such as a gym (no more excuses for not working out), a massage room, coffee area, etc. BUT, we are only here temporarily until our actual home is ready so I am trying to be smart with my purchases since we most likely wont be moving on of our furniture with us to our new home. I am the type of person that can’t work in an uncreative and clean space so no matter what, I had to make some home decor purchases to spice up our furnished condo. Here are a few items and brands I recently have been raving about.

Michael Aram


Mackenzie Childs


Everything Marble


Other Items


What decor items have you been obsessed with?