Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him 2019

valentines day gifts for him

Need help figuring out something creative to do for your partner for Valentine’s Day? The official Holiday of LOVE is right around the corner and I’d be lying if I told you I know what I am getting Samir this year (hey, it happens to the best of us!). Being that it’s our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife (wow, that feels so weird and fun to say!), I want it to be special and intimate. Because of that, I’ve been rigorously researching and thought I could share some of the cute ideas I’ve found to help any of you who are feeling stuck as well :). I know many of you loved the “5 Senses” Valentine’s Day gift idea I put together for him, so I’m also sharing that in a blog post right HERE with all the details: 5 Senses Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

For this year, here are some fun, new, fresh ideas for the best, most creative Valentine’s gifts ever:

1. Scavenger Hunt

This is SUCH a creative and fun idea to add a little bit of spark to your Valentine’s day and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Simply create 3-5 clues that leads him to his gift.

2. Basket filled with his favorite items.

Give him what he already loves…plus, YOU of course! This is an affordable example of a gift basket but of course you can customize it to his preference.

3. Airpods

Great for music lovers and the podcast-obsessed. You can either gift them separately or use them as part of your 5 senses gifting like I did last year.

4. For The Beer Lovers

Would you beer my valentine’s day? If your man is a beer guy, he will definitely love this!

5. A personalized money clipper

valentines day gifts for him

Classy & Timeless

6. Bartender Kit

valentines day gift for him

Maybe even come up with a “signature cocktail” recipe!

7. Engraved Wallet Insert

valentines day gifts for him

So he can always carry you with him.

8. A Watch Winder

valentines day gifts for him

One of those things guys don’t necessarily buy for themselves but end up using all the TIME. 

9. Custom Photo Boxers

valentines day gifts for him

I mean, I think this one speaks for itself ;P

10. Date night box

valentines day gifts for him

For those who prefer staying in for Valentine’s Day. date night is packed with creative fun for 2 people.

Gentlemen, how did I do with this list :p? Tell me in the comments and share what YOU did this Valentine’s Day!