My Pregnancy Essentials: The Ultimate List

pregnancy essentials

Today I’m sharing my pregnancy essentials. These items have made my pregnancy somewhat more enjoyable and more comforting.

Many of these products I’ve used in my first pregnancy and many are new. I’d say the second time around I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve spent so many unnecessary dollars on products that simply did not work for me so I decided to compile a list of items that I think every mom to be would appreciate. 

From safe skin care to cozy pajamas, maternity wear, and healthy snacks, here’s my list of pregnancy essentials:

pregnancy essentials


I’ve been living in leggings, joggers, and comfortable dresses. You’ll definitely need a few comfortable maternity wear which I’ve highlighted some of my absolute favorites right here. & since we are spending so much time at home, having a comfortable pair of slippers such as these or these to keep your feet warm around the house was so essential for me. P.S: In my culture we believe if the mom to be does not warm herself up when she’s cold, the baby will end up being colicky. I don’t necessary agree but I can’t begin to tell you how many times people have told me that.

Skincare + Beauty

You’ll definitely need to cut out on any retinol products and any products that contain Salicylic acid. Also, any product that has “fragrance” in their ingredient is an automatic red flag to me cause that could be absolutely anything. There’s no regulations on what “fragrance” has to me. It could be a cow’s feces and they just have it labeled as fragrance. To avoid any hiccups, I started buying clean products from Sephora.

I also had to cut out on vitamin C even though that’s one of my favorite and absolutely skincare necessities. I found that with this particular pregnancy I developed an allergic reaction so I had to eliminate it. Currently I’ve been loving the drunk elephant moisturizer  , the Tatcha rice powder to cleanse my face and their eye cream. 

As far as belly creams, I have been using the Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream however, I do have to be honest and say that I do not use it regularly and have not developed any stretch marks during my first pregnancy or my second, for now at least. Even though these creams MAY prevent stretch marks, genetics does play a HUGE role.


As I’m entering my third trimester, I am starting to develop body aches. To help deal with the discomfort, I’ve been looking my night time baths with Epsom salt. I just add about 1-2 cups of Epsom salt while the water is running and I relax in the tub for about 15-20 minutes. Having a toddler at home does not give me the luxury to be able to do that every night so I’ve been incorporating it 1-2 times a week.

I also have been loving this amazon grabber tool to help me pick stuff up such as Serena’s toys or little gadgets around the house. It’s so extra and I’m loving it! 

Luckily, I do not deal with any feet swelling during my pregnancies but incase you are having to deal with it, my OBGYN did suggest using compression socks.


I currently have a baby folder on my iPhone with different helpful apps that have helped me navigate through my pregnancy and beyond.  By far my favorite one is the Baby Center app. It allows me to monitor my current pregnancy and my daughter’s milestones. It also shares a bunch of helpful articles and baby food recipes which comes in handy as a first time mom.

Maternity Shoot

pregnancy essentials

Let’s get into the fun stuff! Maternity shoots are typically done in the third trimester specifically during your 8th or 9th month. Etsy has some beautiful maternity gowns such as this and this or you can find more affordable options on Amazon such as this. I have also created a Pinterest board incase you need some Maternity photo inspo for your next shoot! 

Snacks and Vitamins

For my prenatal vitamins, I taking the generic drug store pre-natal vitamins. I also did try Hairtamin during my first pregnancy and loved it. With this pregnancy I tend to crave sour candy such as sour patch which is just horrible for my diet. I would have a bag every night until I found a healthier alternative at Target. Linking it right here.

Green apples sprinkled with Himalayan salt have also been a healthy on the go snack for me that help maintain my blood pressure. 

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