Pregnancy Update | Week 7

Pregnancy Update | Week 7

Torn between who I really am, what I want out of life, and what my duties are as a wife. Being pregnant on top of all of that hasn’t been easy. Walking into my seventh week of pregnancy has been a little easier than the past 2 weeks. That’s thanks to my morning sickness medication that my OBGYN prescribed for me.

It’s FDA approved and has no harm to the baby. I was debating on whether I should take it or not the night before. I have always been against taking any medication in general but I just couldn’t handle my morning sickness. It kept me in bed all day, I couldn’t work, socialize, or do anything. I literally would have to wait for my husband to get back from work to help me get out of bed.

After trying the morning medication for the first time, I woke up with a bit more energy. This was on my 7th week! I decided to not cancel another photoshoot I had, but rather push myself. Get dolled up and do the damn shoot. It was a struggle. And as my photoshoot time approached, I was getting more exhausted! All I wanted to do was just lay in bed and binge on more episodes of Riverdale. I’m on Season 3 Episode 4 at the moment. But anyways, I made a promise to myself that no matter how exhausted I am today, I will film some content. And take those pictures before my pregnancy weight starts kicking in. I was 30 minutes late to the shoot, BUT I made it and it felt SO good.

“Back to normal”

It felt SO good to put some makeup on and do my hair! It felt great taking those pictures and just socializing. I felt like I got a small part of me back. Even though, I was starting to get really drained after an hour, I was excited to put in WORK. Don’t get me wrong, the days that I spent laying in bed sick to my stomach were not going to a complete waste. My work productivity was drastically effected but I still put in an effort to respond to at least 5 emails a day, journal my goals and what I need to make them happen, and listen to podcasts or educational videos on youtube.


Journaling my pregnancy has also helped me along this journey. I tend to criticize myself rather than applaud and cheer for my accomplishments and efforts. And that is so wrong. So, journaling is helping me realize the baby steps I’m taking in efforts to be a better individual, a better wife, mama to be, sister, daughter, and friend.

I am excited for what the next weeks will bring for me! And whether the baby bump will start to appear or not…


Guinwa Z.