Rose Water Uses and Benefits – Beauty Hacks

rose water

Rose water is a flavored water that has been steeped in roses. It is transparent in color and has ancient homeopathic roots dating back to ancient Egypt where Egyptian women used rose water to reduce wrinkles and the appearance of pores. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen herself was a huge fan of rose water and consequently used it to keep her skin healthy and glowing. It is also said that she used to bathe her skin and face with rose water.

Today however, rose water is used in a variety of ways. From using it in food recipes especially relevant in middle eastern cuisine, to cosmetics and more. The benefits it has guarantees that you will add it to your beauty regime.


  • Naturally contains vitamin A and C and has antioxidants that help give a glowing complexion.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that help get rid of acnes and reduce redness
  • Can be used to treat sun burns and scars
  • Contains antioxidant properties that help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.
  • It works as a wonderful hair conditioner and helps get rid of dandruff.

Rose Water In Food:

  1. Add to smoothies – This is a must to every smoothie! It definitely gives it an aromatic and delightful taste.
  2. Sprinkle over your rice puddings – For all the rice pudding lovers, you need to try this especially that rose water goes perfectly with any diary product.
  3. Add to jams and jellies – Add a splash to your jams and take it to a whole another level. It enhances its taste and adds a delicate flowery flavor to it.

Rose Water In Beauty:

  1. Works as a great facial toner– Because it helps maintain skin’s pH and controls excess oil, therefore, rose water makes an excellent toner! Check out this chemical free rose water toner, click here 
  2. Heals eye puffiness – Apply some to a cotton ball and place it on your eyes for a few minutes. Relax while allowing the rose water to do its magic and soothe your eyes.
  3. Use it as a setting spray – Save yourself some $ and add rose water to a spraying bottle. As a result, you have a natural setting spray that is actually beneficial for your skin and contains no chemicals. This trick helps you achieve a healthy and dewy finish.