Smile Big and Bright with Smile Brilliant | My Honest Review

smile brilliant

Disclosure: This product was offered to me complimentary from Smile Brilliant in exchange for my review of their product.

Hi beauties,

I am so excited to share with you my review of Smile Brilliant. I have received this teeth whitening product a few months ago and was excited to give it at try. Having a bright smile is crucial for me as a TV host and entertainment reporter however, with my constant travel and filming schedule, it can be difficult for me to maintain a bright smile. Being able to have a whitening kit on the go was so convenient!

Step 1 – The Preparation:

The process of getting started with Smile Brilliant was pretty simple. After agreeing to try their product, I received a package that had the supplies I needed to create the impressions for my teeth: a base paste, a catalyst paste, a tray, an instruction guide that walks you through the process and a return card and postage-paid envelope to send your teeth impressions back.

Once I mixed the pastes together, (I highly recommend you pay attention to timing and accuracy) I admit, I messed up the first time and had to redo the first step again. They do provide you with an extra set of catalyst and base paste incase you mess up like I did. Whoops.

Once you have done taking the impressions of your top and lower teeth (make sure to do one impression at a time. I started with my upper teeth and once I confirmed that the quality of the impression, I moved forward to my second step), place both impressions trays in the smile brilliant postage envelope and mail it back to them.

They were so quick in sending me my personalized tray to start the teeth whitening process. I remember receiving my customized tray in 5 business days.

smile brilliant

Step 2 – The Teeth Whitening Process:

My package came with both the whitening gel and a desensitizing treatment to use right after each teeth whitening session just incase my teeth get sensitive. I personally did not need to use the desensitizing step, my teeth did not have any weird reaction to the whitening gel which was a huge plus!

You get about 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitizing syringes. A small amount goes a long way, each syringe lasted me for about 4 treatments. You apply a thin line of the gel across the front of the trays and then carefully push them against your teeth. If you accidentally use too much product on your tray,  you’ll want to use a q-tip to remove any excess product that may have made its way to your gums.

You have to leave the tray with the whitening gel in for about 45 minutes to 3 hours  After that, it is recommended to do another 10-15 minutes with the desensitizing gel, and then avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes. This is a pretty long time however, I have found it best to use the whitening kit right before getting ready for any camera appearance I may have. Right after I get outside the shower, I make sure to start the process as I am getting my hair and makeup ready. When I am not filming, I take advantage of the time I have working from home, responding to emails, and writing articles, to whiten my teeth. (Each session lasted about 45-60 minutes. 3 hours was a bit too much for me to go without drinking any water.)

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Step 3 – The Results:

After about 5 sessions of using the kit, I noticed my teeth where a shade whiter. However, I am a coffee drinker so my results may differ from someone who does not drink any coffee or liquids that tend to stain their teeth.

I do plan to continue using Smile Brilliant, so far it is my favorite at home teeth whitening product that did not cause my gums any irritation. I just need to discipline myself and leave the trays on for longer ?

smile brilliant             smile brilliant

Have you guys tried Smile Brilliant before? Let me know your thoughts!