Success To Me

guinwa zeineddine

What is Success?

Success, a simple word with a big meaning behind it. A meaning that varies from one person to the next.

To some, success might mean making a good amount of money and being able to buy all the materialistic things that society deems to be important. But to me, success can’t be defined by cars, planes, houses, or watches. Success is not something that can be bought or sold.

Rather, success is about a love for the battle. A love to compete within yourself. It’s about being the best version of yourself in every area of your life.

The thought of success is what drives me to do better every morning. It is a goal stuck in my head when I wake up, when I go to bed, and at every second of the day. 

It is about the fulfillment of my dreams and true potential. For me, success is about setting a positive example to the world, helping and showing others that they can create the life they have always envisioned by working hard and staying focused. It is knowing that your future will be exactly how you have envisioned it to be because you believe in the power that you have to make it happen.

It’s never just about the money, fame, or status. Success is about living a life with purpose and once you have achieved that, all the money, fame, and status will end up falling in your path. This is why I only chase my definition of success and not anything else. 

Success to me is defined in this simple formula

Success = Passion + Purpose + Hard work + Clear vision + Consistency 

and the outcome of it will be self-fulfillment, happiness, money, satisfaction.

This is what success means to me. What does success mean to you?

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