3 months of Serena Hage

3 months of Serena Hage

A 3 months old baby? I can’t believe it’s officially 3 months since Serena has blessed our life! So much has changed since the past month.

She has visited 6 different states so far with New York and Florida being the most recent ones. Surprisingly, she does so well on the plane and tends to sleep most of the time.

However, her habits have changed. She now recognizes me!!! Which is the most exciting thing ever especially when I catch her following me with her eyes. She will randomly break into tears when anyone else is holding her or when we are driving back home. The only way to calm her down is when I carry her.

Being in Hawaii with her this month has gotten us to get so close to one another and really connect especially that I have no help with her whatsoever. It’s just me and her figuring things out together and I’m enjoying watching her grow day by day.

Things I’m loving for her

  • Graco Swing with Cry Detection  This thing actually detects your baby crying and changes the movement and sound based on that! I am finally able to put her down on the swing for a few minutes during the day and a few minutes at night as I’m making dinner. The assembly of it is also very easy and I honestly think I like it more than her mamaroo swing that we left back in Vegas!
  • Baby Mosquito Net This is a must since we are living in Hawaii and I’ve been super paranoid about mosquitos biting my baby! Comes in a pack of two, I’m using one for her bassinet and the other for her stroller.
  • Make a baby stop crying video I’ve shared it on my IG story a few times and I am sharing it once again on my site because I still can’t believe how its capable of calming my baby down instantly! It’s great to play for her during car rides or at an outing.
  • BABYBJORN I’ve tried a few other carriers and this was the only one she stayed calm in! It also comes in a mini size which is perfect for petite babies like mine cause almost every other carrier was too big for her! Definitely recommend for any mama’s out there.
  • Blooming Bath  My favorite way to shower Serena and she sure does enjoy it! I shower her every night before putting her to sleep and it helps calm her down after a long day. Unlike the bath tub, she does not freak out in the blooming bath. I also love how convenient it is to travel with it!

Serena’s Milestones

  • She’s officially 10 pounds. Still below the average weight for her age but she is growing in a healthy manner 🙂
  • She’s sleeping longer at night. Between 5-6 hours before waking up for a feeding and then knocks out again for another 2-3 hours
  • Her vision has gotten so much better! She actually recognizes me which makes me super happy
  • She’s been discovering her hands and all she can do with them. If they are not in her mouth, or grabbing her blanket or pacifier, she’s often starring at them and its the funniest thing ever
  • She loves to talk (baby language of course) and often communicates back to me when I’m talking to her
  • She smiles a lot more especially when she wakes up after a long stretch of sleep.

As for me, I am still struggling with losing the extra weight but I am giving myself enough time to heal. Even though its been 3 months, there has been a lot of changes in my life so I am trying to stay conscious of that whenever I find myself getting upset. To all the new mama’s out there, remind yourself to embrace all your body changes and get in the habit of saying positive words of affirmation to yourself every morning. You’re beautiful and you are doing great!