How To Layer Necklaces + Sharing some of my favorite pieces

how to layer necklaces

Confession: I used to think layering necklaces was A LOT harder than it truly is until I decided to just experiment and figured that it’s so easy to do when you have the right pieces!

One of the main reasons why I’ve been obsessed with layering my jewelry is because of how it elevates your fashion look. You can go from basic to badass with the addition of a few jewelry pieces. Scroll down to master your jewelry game!

P.S: I receive many questions on IG regarding some of my gold necklaces and unfortunately I can’t link those because they are custom made in Lebanon but for everything else, I have linked the exact items and some similar styles.

  • Mix up the length of your necklaces

Start from shortest to longest and choose at least 3 necklaces to really transform your look. You can always go to a jeweler and ask to shorten your necklace. I have done that for some of my necklaces as I prefer wearing some of them as chokers

  • Add a pop of color

To really stand out, try adding a pop of color to one of your necklaces but keep the other ones pretty neutral.

  • Add a choker

Start with a choker as your base and throw on 2 more of your favorite necklaces. Maybe throw in some pearls or beads? Whatever it is, get creative!

  • Mix metals, shapes, and textures

Some even mix metal colors although I prefer sticking to the same metal color, I do play around with different shapes and textures. For instance: I love pairing my chunky chain links with some of my dainty necklaces.This will help in letting your individual pieces stand out.

  • Layer different coin necklaces

Coin necklace trend has been a favorite and is still in trend and probably will be for a while! When layering such necklaces, make sure to give each necklace enough space to “Shine” and have its own moment.

And this is how you can layer necklaces like a pro! For more, see my Instagram natural makeup look.