4 months with Serena Hage

serena hage

Four months of Serena, 4 months of the best time of my life, 4 months of unconditional love. I know I can’t be the only mom that feels this way but I catch my self tearing up just looking at my daughter. My 4 months baby.

The love I have for her is beyond measures and keeps growing each day. I already feel incredibly attached to her and can’t imagine being able to love her anymore cause I have reached the threshold. Alright, I will spare you the emotional talk and get right into the fun stuff:

This Months Favorite Things

  • The Sophie Giraffe: Serena is starting to teeth so this little Giraffe came in handy! It’s hilarious watching her try to chew on it and falls asleep while holding it so close. I am pretty sure she thinks it’s a new friend. Only downside to this was that I heard it can develop mold on the inside if you wash it so instead, I’ve been wiping it down with the Munchkin Arm Hammer Pacifier Wipes.
  • Stroller Cover: THIS WAS THE BEST PURCHASE I’VE MADE THIS MONTH! I get SO many compliments on it and Serena just looks so freaking cute in it. It looks great, easy to attach to your stroller, and most importantly keeps her warm.
  • BABYBJORN Bouncer: I didn’t think I needed a bouncer cause I already had a swing for her but I was wrong! Serena LOVES this bouncer and can sit in it longer than her swing which is amazing for me cause it allows me to get more work done. It’s also so light-weight and portable. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who is having a baby, definitely consider this bouncer!

Serena’s Milestones

  • She’s starting to roll over and has developed a stronger grip. Lately, she’s been loving pulling on my hair so I hope by the time she gets over this phase, I’ll still have a few strands left.
  • She laughs A LOT more now.
  • She is EASILY distracted and can recognize when someone is calling her name. You should see the way she looks at her dad when he walks in the room!! She will stop eating and just turn her head to stare at him. It’s the most adorable thing EVER.
  • She loves to make all sort of high-pitch sounds. MAKES ME WANT TO FREAKING EAT HER!!!!!

How I’m Doing

Things have been getting better for me and I am slowly learning how to balance motherhood with work. However, with the constant traveling, my body has been extremely exhausted, so I do plan on incorporating more hours for self-care. This is something that I want to teach my daughter: to care for herself and her well being and not find that to be a selfish act like I do sometimes. So, I definitely have to lead by example. That’s all for this month, thank you guys for following along! ❤️

Below are some photos of my beloved 4 months baby Serena.

serena hage

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