5 Months with Serena

serena hage

So much growth has happened during the last 2 weeks… And I am only getting more attached and in love with my 5 months baby girl! ❤️

Although we’re celebrating her fifth month being quarantined in Hawaii, we decided to make the best of it. We had a dance party at home and baked her a cake which looked like a mess but actually tasted good.

I like celebrating her monthly milestones even if it’s something as simple as baking a cake, or having a mini at home photoshoot. Why? Because I love keeping these memories for her to see when she gets older. At least, I know I appreciate all the baby pictures my family took of me. 

Serena’s Milestones

  • She FINALLY rolled from front to back. I remember I was a bit anxious saying “no” when her pediatrician asked me if she’s rolling over yet during our 4 month check-up. She rolled for the first time during her third week of being 4 months old so for all the mama’s out there, don’t let these “timelines” make you feel uncomfortable, your baby will get there eventually.
  • Her laughs make my heart explode with happiness and they are SO contagious! 
  • She recognizes her name!!!! And turns around whenever I call her.
  • She recognizes me and follows me with her eyes whenever I leave her site.
  • Her hair has been getting a lot longer and her thighs are starting to develop cute little rolls.
  • She’s been so easy to deal with! She sleeps at 8pm every night and takes 2 small naps during the day. She’s no longer fussy and I can tell what she wants based on her cries and body language.
  • She also transitioned to her crib and I’m having a more difficult time than her dealing with it. I just can’t help but miss co-sleeping with her (even if she’s a 5 months baby). 

What I’m Loving For Her

Lovevery Playmat

Serena is finally enjoying spending time in her playmat and this specific brand keeps her occupied for hours! I kid you not you guys! Literally, I can work on my laptop as she’s laying in front of me discovering everything on the playmat. The best part? It’s big enough, it’s made using 100% baby-safe materials, it has five developmental zones for each sense, has interchangeable cards which include high-contrast colors and mirrors (babies in general LOVE these), includes an organic cotton teether with BPA-free silicone ring, and it’s so easy to set up! I mean really the list goes on and I absolutely love it! For giving me some freedom to get my work done while keeping my daughter entertained, it’s worth every penny… 

Babybjorn Bouncer

I added this on here again because I’ve been loving using it as a “high-chair” when feeding Serena(I started feeding her this week). Already, I’d ordered a high chair for her but it has not come in yet, so this bouncer’s currently replacing it. Another plus? I love how light it is so I am able to carry it and place it in the kitchen when I am cooking, in the living room when I am working, and even outside my shower when I need to take a bath and there’s no one to watch her. Anyone else does that?

Monique Lhuillier Bouquet Baby Bedding

Serena just made the transition to her crib so I got to put her new bed sheets, skirt, and quilt and oh my! IT’S  SO GORGEOUS I had to share it with you guys. Its also on SALE! I  just ordered the crib bumper and it should be arriving this week. Is it just me that didn’t know what exact bedding items goes in a baby’s crib?

Bugaboo Fox Bassinet Stroller 

I’ve been taking morning walks and this bassinet seems to get my 5 months baby girl, Serena to fall asleep. It is a lot bigger than the Doona so I tend to use it for all my walks as its spacious enough to fit my water bottle and other items, and I like to take my bugaboo fox for shopping trips which are obviously on pause right now. The doona however, is my favorite when I am traveling or running errands.

serena hage

serena hage

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