Two-Ingredient Hair Mask You Need To Try

two ingredient hair mask

I recently posted my 2 ingredient hair mask recipe on IG and received so many of the same question: why apple cider vinegar or why coconut oil? So I’m gonna share exactly why those two ingredients are great for your hair. Plus they are found in almost every single household.

Why Coconut Oil:

Even though the argument of applying coconut oil to your face is debatable, there’s no debate on the benefits of coconut oil for your hair. It’s structure allows it to be absorbed into your hair shaft faster than any other oil and is known to be the best in protecting your hair’s protein. Why is that important? Your hair protein prevents your hair from thinning out and being fragile so if you’re looking to protect your hair’s health, coconut oil will be your best friend. It’s also extremely moisturizing and could help with hair growth.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of my favorite items to have at home! You can use it in recipes, in the morning to give your body a quick detox(I like to take one spoon of ACV on an empty stomach), as a face toner, and for your hair! How does it help your hair? Due to its acidic nature, it helps balance the pH of your scalp leading to smoother and shinier hair. It also helps treat dandruff due to its anti-bacterial properties. Pro-tip: You can even add a few drops to your shampoo if you don’t have time for a hair mask. 

How often do I do a hair mask?

Rarely but It’s recommended that we mask once a week so I have no excuse not to mask away during this quarantine.

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