Bodysuits Every Woman Needs


Bodysuits are so versatile!  You can definitely dress them up or down by layering them under blouses, or with some jewelry.

Some of my favorite brands for bodysuits are Free People, Urban Outfitters, Zara, and Leith.  And today, I’m sharing all the bodysuits I love and think every woman needs!

P.S.: Most of the bodysuits are on sale, so get them while they last! 

Here’s a quick style tip if you’re trying to elongate your neck and show off your collarbone: go for a square neck line. It is my absolute favorite and will look super flattering on you. If you have a longer face and a pretty long or thin neck then a highneck or round neckline will complement you best.

Square neckline Bodysuit:

Square necklines are one of my favorites. If you have a square or round face, a square neckline can give the illusion of a longer face. Also, if you have a pear body shape, wearing a square neckline will add some width to your upper body which will balance the width of your hips.


Lace Bodysuit:

Very romantic and very flirtatious. These make a good clothing choice for a romantic date night! Some may give off a “lingerie” feel so pick one that you are most comfortable with.



High Neck Bodysuit:

If you pick the right material, a high neck bodysuit can really shape your body! These are fun to wear for a casual look paired with a nice pair of jeans and a simple pair of earrings.




Although they aren’t exactly “bodysuits”, they are a pretty versatile piece of clothing that you can layer under your blouses, sheer tops, or even wear alone! A black, white, and nude bralette are great options to start with.



V-shaped Bodysuit:

Almost anyone looks good in a v-shaped bodysuit! If you have smaller busts, consider a less dramatic plunge.  I like wearing mine when I’m going out with my girls or for a fun date night with my husband. These bodysuits look perfect paired up with a few necklaces.



Now that you’re all set with bodysuits, check these beauty products to make you feel even better!