BTS: Serena’s One Year Birthday Photo Shoot

BTS: Serena’s One Year Birthday Photo Shoot

Birthdays are fab. And when your little one turns one, it’s an extra special day. And though, due to COVID-19, we might have to put actual parties on hold, Guinwa is here to show that we can still celebrate without pressing pause. Experienced in parties, think Serena’s ballerina inspired baby shower, Guinwa definitely knows a thing or two about hosting memorable events. So, in celebrating Serena’s special day, the case is, of course, no different. Enter the cutest (and chicest) baby birthday shoot!

Serena actually started walking during her shoot, making it a truly extra special day! Themed around Princess Jasmine, swans and pretty pink, Guinwa now shares everything you need, from preparations to props. Whether you’re looking at a similar theme, or exploring different ideas, the below guide will serve you well. Here is Guinwa’s baby birthday shoot haul!

The Dress

In order to get different shots, Serena had three outfit changes. For the first, Guinwa purchased a handmade Jasmine outfit paired with accessories on Etsy and a hair wig from Amazon. Pro tip: Etsy and Amazon are great for finding unique costumes. Etsy is especially up to the mark when it comes to handmade pieces. For Serena’s second outfit, Guinwa added a swan headpiece from Etsy (more on the swan theme later) and a white and gold sequenced romper. Finally, “For her third outfit change, I bought a pink ruffled dress from Nordstrom,” Guinwa adds.


Jasmine inspired Princess Dress $50 at Etsy

Baby girls boho romper $7.99 at Etsy


Pink Ruffle Dress at Nordstrom

The Cake

A shoot is a shoot. But a birthday party – after all is still a party. And what’s a birthday without cake?! For the perfect balance, Guinwa says “I wanted something elegant and simple, so I picked a swan theme and ordered a swan custom birthday cake.” Not just for eating, the cake also complimented the shoot. We certainly can’t imagine a better win-win scenario!


Enhancing the swan theme were gorgeous floral arrangements courtesy of Guinwa’s florist, Amy Wong Floral & Events. Full of life, fresh flowers create positive energy and the perfect backdrop.  Guinwa shares, “I had my florist decorate the backdrop with white wisteria garland flowers. For her third (pink) outfit, my florist had a pastel balloon garland behind her.”


Serena’s background was completed with a swan rocker and other accessories, such as a must-have pink and gold crown headband and pastel pink balloons.

Flapper headband $28.95 at Etsy

First Birthday crown cursive ONE headband $19.95 at Etsy


36″ Giant Jumbo Round Balloon with tassel garland tail $7 at Etsy


Darling Duo Swan Rocker & Toy Set $99.99

Happiest Birthday, my beautiful Serena!

Wanting more? watch her BTS photoshoot video[su_youtube url=”″ width=”300″ height=”280″]