Discover Guinwa Zeineddine’s Favorite Elegance Hair Care Products

Elegance Hair Care is an affordable, organic, and paraben-free line of products that caters to all hair types. Formulated in the USA by master hairstylist Sam Zeineddine, his product lines, Elegance and SAM’Z — I’ll be talking about Sam’Z products and hair tools in an upcoming video– have quickly taken off as a result of using quality natural ingredients and great, sensual aromas. His hair care tools are noted for top professional quality at economical prices.

Being that I was involved in the formulation and design process, I am extremely proud to be part of a brand that values cruelty free and natural ingredients, ensuring its clients’ hair needs are a priority.

Check out my top 5 products from Elegance Hair Care in this video!


Guinwa Zeineddine