Let’s Talk Wedding Decor Episode Recap

Lebanese wedding decor

One of the best parts of planning my wedding was getting to choose all the decor! It was where I really got to dive into the details and plan the wedding of my dreams. It was so fun going through the process with the planner and the event designer choosing every single thing from the flowers to the table settings to bigger things like entertainment stages and set pieces. However, I also learned A LOT that I wish I’d known before I started the planning process.

If you’re planning a themed event or wedding, it is so important to have a clear vision of what you’re hoping for BEFORE going to meet with designers and decorators! It made things way easier to be able to say ‘yes, exactly this fits my vision’ or ‘no that’s not what I had in mind’ so you don’t waste any time going back and forth on things. Also, you have to pay for that time so it will save you a LOT if you go in with a clear idea in your head of what you want!

Similarly, be very up front with the decorator about your budget. In fact, it might be good to under-quote your budget (because in the end things usually end up costing more!). Having your spending limit in mind while you choose items will help you prioritize what to keep and what you don’t need when it comes to decor details.

Watch this episode of My Big Arab American Wedding to see how I handled choosing the decor I loved while still staying within my budget! And let me know what your experience was choosing your event decor!