My Big Arab American Wedding Episode 4: Chanel Bridal Shower

The most important thing to me when I was planning my Bridal Shower making 100% sure everyone who attended felt appreciated and loved.

I wanted to put together a super feminine theme that had class and style to make everyone feel pampered and chic. So what could be better than a Coco Chanel theme?! Everything turned out so beautiful; a french-inspired teatime set up was the perfect backdrop for the event. The blush decor details made the black and white accents and chanel logo really stand out.
I wanted all the women at my shower to be completely spoiled! In addition to the food, drink and favors, I draped a set of pearls over the backs of everyone’s chairs as a take-home gift, a nod to the famous pearls worn by Ms. Coco herself!

After the love-fest and tea celebration, it was time for some party games! We played a bridal guest “scavenger hunt” where everyone had to ask each other questions and really get to know one another. This is a GREAT way to start conversations among groups of guests who haven’t already met! Last, I played a game where I had to guess my fiance’s answers to a series of questions… no surprise here: I got 100%!

Are you planning a bridal shower? I want to hear about it! Tell me your theme or what games you’re planning to play in the comments.
Till then, enjoy this next episode of My Big Arab American Wedding! I hope it gives you some good ideas as you plan your own Bridal Shower!