Relationship Q&A

Relationship Q&A

Hi babes,

So recently I had a Q&A on my Instagram Story to answer all of your relationship questions. The engagement was amazing and even though I tried my best to respond to every single question, there were a few that I was not able to get to. Now if you missed my IG Q&A session, don’t worry cause I got you covered. Below you will find 6 questions asked and answered this past Sunday.

Q: How do you know if a guy is serious about you?

A: It’s important for the woman to take herself seriously first and not just want to “Netflix and chill” because if you are giving off the impression that you just want to have fun, you will get exactly that. In regards to the guy, you can tell he is serious about you when he introduces you to his friends and family, he goes out of his way to make you happy and he actually mentions that he wants to have a future with you.

Q: Thoughts about second chances?

A: People make mistakes so we should forgive except in two situations: Cheating and Domestic Violence.

Q: Should a guy let me pay for dinner on a first date?

A: NO! He needs to be making the best impression on a first date. He doesn’t have to take you to an expensive restaurant, he can take you somewhere that meets his budget and if he still can’t afford paying $60-$70 on dinner then maybe he needs to focus on building himself than pursuing someone else.

Q: How do you feel about getting a prenup?

A: With the high divorce rates, marriage can be a risk sometimes. You never know what may end up happening so I believe everything acquired by the couple PRIOR their marriage is untouchable BUT everything acquired during their marriage from investment to properties etc is to be split 50/50.

Q: How do you feel about different religions being together?

A: I won’t lie, it can be a challenge. I have seen some be successful at it and others lead to a horrible divorce. It truly depends on the couple and how they expect to raise their children. If the couple is not that religious and they are open to having their children practice both religions until they get to an age where they can choose which religion they want to follow then I think it can work out! If not, it may cause many obstacles. You have to think not only about the love you two have, but your future children, AND your families because when you marry someone, you marry into his family as well.

Q: How to move on without closure?

A: Allow yourself to feel everything you are feeling without judgement- break ups are hard and take time so allow yourself to heal. Speak up on how you feel, this could be by you writing a letter/keeping a journal to express your feelings or talking to your best friend or family about how you feel. Also, find a new interest/hobby, this will distract your mind and keep you busy BUT no matter what, do not text your partner 120392 times trying to find answers to your questions. He/she chose not to give you closure for whatever reason but you need to realize that sometimes closure comes from within.

I look forward to next weeks Q&A session.