What I Got Done at Clinica Joelle – Mommy Makeover

6 months postpartum and I am finally taking some time to take care of myself. Today, I will be sharing everything that I am getting done at Clinica Joelle and why I chose to get my treatments done with them.

Joelle Mandarian is known to be the best in the beauty industry. Growing up in the UAE, I would tune into her MBC show and loved the makeovers she would perform. It is no surprise that she opened a Clinic a few years back that offers both surgical and non surgical procedures and I have been following her clinic and their work for a while. Their work is extremely ethical and does not completely change your identity. Rather, it enhances your beauty.

Because I am still nursing, there were a few procedures that I am unable to get at the moment such as botox which I haven’t gotten any yet but I am completely comfortable with starting to get botox as soon as I am able to. Instead, here are the procedures that I have done with them so far:

Cool tech

I’ve always struggled with stubborn fat in my lower abdominal region so it’s not surprise that with giving birth, it’s gotten slightly worse. Luckily, I did not develop any stretch marks and my skin is pretty firm however, no matter how many ab workouts I do, my lower abdominal fat is not going anywhere and I needed to change that.

After meeting with their beauty therapist, she analyzed my body and we agreed to get one cool tech treatment on my entire abdominal region. Cool tech works by applying the applicator which is at -8 degree Celsius for 70 long minutes freezing your fat and then allowing you body to get rid of it naturally. It is completely noninvasive however, I did not feel much pain as the applicator was on me but as soon as they removed it, I got really uncomfortable. The team at Clinica Joelle was extremely helpful and offered me all the assistance I needed to feel better. 10 minutes post the session, I felt great and was able to continue on with my day.

Results take up to 3 months to show however, so far,I lost 2 cm off of my waist in 2 weeks.


This by far has to be the best facial I have ever received. The instant glow you see on your skin right after the facial is unreal. This facial cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates your skin without penetrating it. It’s just as effective as microdermabrasion but totally painless and noninvasive. It uses antioxidants to help remove your dead skin which Diana, the beauty therapist, showed me right after our facial. When you see how much dirt is laying under your skin, you’ll want to book your hydra-facial on the regular!

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is the machine to help with cellulite reduction and skin tightening. It is THE treatment that almost every celebrity and influencer gets in the winter to prepare for her summer beach body. I am doing 6 sessions on my thighs. Each session is about 1.5 hours so grab your laptops and get to work if you need to cause it’s a long ride. I start my first session with Venus Legacy this week and will keep you all posted on my results.

What other treatments are you dying to try out? I also did a whole vlog highlighting my facial treatment on Youtube. You can check it out right here

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