Your Q’s, Answered!

Your Q’s, Answered!

Hi beauties,

I recently had a Q&A on my Instagram, but wasn’t able to get to all of your questions so I went ahead and picked 10 additional questions to answer.

My apologies if I missed yours but I’m literally typing this Q&A blog post as I’m feeding Serena and getting my hair pulled by her. Mom life is going great, anyways, without any further do, here’s my A’s to your Q’s.

1. Please tell us more about your intermittent fasting.

Okay, so I accidentally fell into this. I previously heard great things about it but I thought it was something so hard to achieve until I caught myself doing it unintentionally. My mornings are usually extremely hectic so I would catch myself fasting for 15-16 hours and then I started noticing some pounds shedding off (FINALLY.)

Here’s what I do: I fast for 15-16 hours and only have water or black coffee. I then break my fast with fruits! Fruits are the best detox for your body when eaten on an empty stomach so I have that first followed by a small breakfast and then dinner! I do tend to snack before dinner as well.

2. What is it like having control over your own life? Financial freedom?

A great Q&A question. I think it’s extremely crucial no matter your situation. Having something that you can call your own and makes you income is a huge confidence booster. I know in my culture, woman aren’t pressured to make their own money but I actually disagree with that mindset and think its really important for a woman to have a source of income for herself.

3. How many kids do you and your husband want?

3! I would actually love to have 2 girls and one boy.

4. How can you keep your hair healthy during quarantine?

This is the perfect time to take care of your hair and skin since you are spending so much time at home. Use more hair masks, shower your hair less and avoid heat! You don’t really need to straighten your hair all the time. I try to blow dry my hair only twice a week!

5. Seems like you and Nagam are really close, what about Diana?

I actually am very close to all of my siblings! It just happens, due to our work circumstances, that me and Nagam are caught hanging out more! But Diana and Ryan are my best friends too! ❤️

6. What’s your opinion on doing Kateb Kteb before finishing ones studies?

Take your time! There’s no need to rush, I know our culture pressures us to do a Kateb Kteb out of fear of what other people may say which is so wrong cause a Kateb Kteb is technically you getting married religiously. I would finish my studies and get some experience in the workforce if possible before doing a Kateb Kteb but if you are ready to get married right away then go for it. I just think many woman rush into getting married due to cultural pressures and many end up unhappy or don’t realize the huge responsibility that comes with being a wife and potentially a mother, if you plan on having kids.

7. What did your sisters want you to name your daughter?

Diana wanted me to name her: Amar or Ava.

Nagam really liked: Elle or Gaelle.

8. What’s the update on your house?

Drywalls are officially up and you can actually see the detailing of the house. I went to see it two weeks ago and literally shed a tear. We are currently getting finalizing all the cabinets, flooring etc so we can start installing them!

9. What’s your favorite place you have traveled and why?

Maldives! The service was exceptional, the food was SO good, and being able to walk on one of the biggest white sand beaches in the world was amazing! I would love to go there once a year with my family once covid decides to depart our life. Smh.

10. What are some everyday makeup products you’ve been using?

Honestly, I have been more into skincare than makeup  but when I do decide to put on some makeup, I tend to wear the bare minimum! It cosmetics CC cream paired with some concealer, Huda beauty mascara or the Dior pump mascara, and some lipstick! PS.: I’ve also shared my morning skincare routine, so you can tune in to that, too!

Thank you for all the amazing questions! I can’t wait to do another Q&A soon!

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