How I Grew My Hair and What Products I Use

how I grew my hair

This is probably one of my most asked questions ” What hair products do you use?” & to be honest, I am finally happy with my hair  so I feel pretty confident tackling this question. It was a mixture of changing my diet, trying different hair products, and taking prenatal vitamins. 

I used to HATE my hair without extensions especially when I had a special occasion. I’ve always had my parents style my hair with my extensions cause I felt like it lacked volume and length. It was only until recently that I’ve been very comfortable styling my hair with no extensions whatsoever. Not only did my hair grow longer, but it also got a lot thicker and SHINIER!

Here’s a breakdown of the changes I’ve made and the products I’ve been using:

The Products:

You guys probably heard me rave about Marula Oil on my Instagram story but incase you haven’t or incase you need to hear it again: I AM OBSESSED WITH IT!!! It’s the same ingredient for your hair AND skin. Drunk elephant uses it in their skincare products (kinda explains why I love their products as well.)

I use the Marula oil shampoo and conditioner from Elegance Hair Care & their Marula oil Hair Mask once a week. I know many of you probably heard of castor oil and argan oil. I do love these oils as well but I saw a big improvement with my hair when using Marula.  Since I do live in Vegas, my hair tends to look super dry so using products that contain Marula oil has helped restore some moisture back into my hair. It’s also packed in Vitamin C which is a plus! 

If you aren’t sure what type of oil you should use for your hair type, consider this chart:

marula vs argan oilP.S: In a recent poll on, 78% of readers voted for Marula Oil when asked if they are team Marula Oil or Argan Oil. So yes, it is worth the hype ?

The Hair Vitamin:

I started taking prenatal Hairtamin after consulting with my OBGYN and continued using it postpartum. When I did run out, I opted for a drug store brand. Here’s a common myth, most people think that you should only take prenatal vitamins when you are pregnant which is FALSE.

You should be taking prenatal vitamins if you are TRYING to get pregnant, when you are pregnant, AND when you are nursing.

The Diet:

I’ve realized that eating less animal product has had a huge effect on my hair growth. I started incorporating more chia seeds, vegan based meals whenever I could cause your girl loves her cheese, and drinking home made smoothies every morning (will share the recipe soon cause you are going to want to try it.) I did not go 100% vegan, I do have my steak and chicken once a week or once every two weeks but I definitely am eating a lot less animal products than I used to. Based on research I’ve done, having a plant based diet does have an effect on your hair health! My sister Nagam has been a vegetarian for years and her hair is literally GOALS so I am even more convinced that your diet has a huge effect on your hair.

Here are a few foods that promote healthy hair:

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach 
  • Avocados 
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Shrimp and seafood in general is also wonderful for your hair. It contains a great source of vitamin D which research has shown a lack of it may contribute to hair loss.

The Lifestyle:

Getting pregnant has also helped my hair health , I did not lose any hair postpartum as of yet and I am honestly dreading hair loss when I stop nursing. I heard it is a common issue with most woman and I just hope it’s not the case with me.

I also avoid adding too much heat to my hair. I get a blowout twice a week and only dry my hair with cold air. & finally,  I use scrunchies instead of regular hair ties as they are less likely to damage your hair!

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