Luxe Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Valentine On Your List

luxe valentine's day gift guide

Valentine’s day may not be your favorite holiday but who doesn’t love an occasion to get gifted? Whether you have a valentine this year or not, you will find a gift idea for every person, including yourself.  Here’s our Valentine’s day gift guide for ALL the loves in your life:

Valentine’s Gift for your BFF

This custom pillow is too cute not to buy! Pair it with a wine bottle or some matching coffee mugs.Luxe Valentine's Day Gifts


Valentine’s Gift for your goofy friend

Couldn’t resist but share this gift idea for your goofy friend or even boyfriend.

Luxe Valentine's Day Gifts


Valentine’s Gift for your fashion friend

This pajama set is currently on sale and so chic to wear at home. It’ll sure impress the fashionista in your life.

Luxe Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Gift for the jewelry lover

Currently just added 3 of these to my shopping cart! The perfect gift for any jewelry fanatic out there. Feel free to add a piece of jewelry in the box as well.

Luxe Valentine's Day Gifts



Valentine’s Gift for Her

Whether it’s for your girlfriend or wife. These gifts are sure to make her feel special. Pair up the Gucci lingerie with the heated mug and fill it in with some kiss hershey chocolates or go for the Rolex watch if you are really trying to go all out.

valentines day gifts for her


Valentine’s Gift for Him

Men LOVE when their women take care of them even with their appearance. These designer pieces are sure to make him feel extra special and stylish.

valentines day gifts for him


Valentine’s Gift for your sister

If your sister is also your best friend, you probably wouldn’t mind splurging on a few of these items.

valentines day gifts for sister

Valentine’s Gift for your brother

We are living for the candle but incase you are wanting to make your brother feel extra special, here are a few options that you can’t go wrong with.

valentine's day gifts for brother


Valentine’s Gift for your mom

Cause mama deserves all the love in the world even on valentine’s day.

valentine's day gift guide for mom

Valentine’s Gift for your dad

At the end of the day, he was your first love and first valentine so when you can, definitely do spoil him.

valentine's day gifts for dad


Valentine’s Gift for your baby girl

How ADORABLE will your baby girl look in these valentine’s inspired outfits?

valentine's gift guide for baby girl

Valentine’s Gift for your baby boy

Don’t forget to pair any of these gifts with valentine’s day cards. Even if your baby is too young to understand, he will sure appreciate it when he’s older.

valentine's day gifts for baby boy

If you’re needing more gift inspo, check out last year’s Valentine’s gift guide for him right here