Mom and Toddler Approved Lifestyle Products

toddler approved products

These mom and toddler approved lifestyle products will make you and your toddler extremely happy! As an on the go mom with a sassy toddler I’m always on the look out for products that will keep my daughter entertained. And when it comes to fashion, she amazes me with her stylish taste. Believe it or not, she picks her own clothing sometimes and I love playing dress up with her.

Toys and Games

  • Unicorn up and down roller coaster – unlike most toys where my daughter tends to get bored of, this ride remains an absolute favorite not only for my daughter but also for all her toddler friends that come over. It’s completely safe too and I love how colorful it is. When me and Serena used to practice her colors, she would go up and down the roller coaster pin pointing different colors to me so I love that we somewhat added an educational factor to it.
  • Splash Pad – I love that this splash pad has alphabets on it to help us practice while we are enjoying our time in the sun. Serena literally spends 45 minutes playing with the water which gives me some time to work in peace.
  • Kidszone bumper car – I find this the coolest thing ever and wish I had one to accommodate my size! I bought it for Serena on Christmas of 2020 but she didn’t know how to navigate it by herself. I had to navigate it for her using the remote control but now that she’s a toddler, she’s a total pro and loves cruising in it around the house.
  • Toddler Flash Cards – I love going over these flash cards during meal time or right before bed. She learns something new each day and they do keep her entertained. They also help to unwind cause sometimes you just need a few minutes of calmness with your toddler before things get real crazy all over again you know?
  • Kids water play table – This was introduced to me by a friend and I couldn’t thank her enough for the recommendation! Although assembling it was a pain, Serena loves spending her mornings playing with it as I prepare her breakfast.
  • Elmo Potty training book – Serena is at the age where she is ready to be potty trained so during one of our trips to target I saw that book and loved it since she is really into reading books. It comes with potty training sounds which she LOVES. Ever since I bought her this book she can’t stop saying ” it’s time to use the potty.”

Food and Snacks

  • Berry Freeze – These trader joe snacks are a huge hit for Serena and don’t require to be stored in the fridge so I always carry a bag with me in my diaper bag.
  • Gerber lil crunchies – These chips are not just a favorite for Serena but also for the whole family! They are so addicting and filled with iron, vitamin E and other nutritions. Garden Tomato is our favorite flavor!
  • Lightlife smart dogs – I love adding these to Serena’s eggs for added protein for her breakfast. Sometimes she likes snacking on them too during the day which makes me happy cause my daughter is a very picky eater.
  • Kidsfresh chicken nuggets – Although I am not a fan of feeding my daughter frozen food but desperate times call for desperate measures. I love this specific brand because it has hidden cauliflowers in it and uses organic chicken breast and whole grain breading.

Clothing and Accessories

  • Sunglasses – My daughter is never ever dressed without her sunglasses and these are so cute and come in a variety of colors.
  • Earth baby outfitters – I cannot begin to explain how cozy this brand’s clothings are! I recently discovered them and me and Serena have both been loving them! I love that I can also mix and somewhat match Serena and Aleo’s outfits as most of their clothing is gender neutral.
  • No damage hair bands – Serena’s hair is slowly growing and we finally can tie it into a cute ponytail! These hair bands are stretchy and soft leaving your toddler with no discomfort.

toddler approved products