My breastfeeding journey and favorite breastfeeding products

breast feeding essentials

As I’m getting closer to the delivery of my second baby, I can’t help but think of breastfeeding especially that my journey breastfeeding Serena was not a smooth one at all but it was all worth it. With perseverance, a few helpful products, and consulting with experts, I was able to breastfeed my daughter for a full year and I hope to be able to do the same with my second baby.

My breastfeeding journey:

I was never comfortable talking about my breastfeeding journey because I was afraid of getting mom shamed especially as a first time mom. We tend to get so much pressure from society to do things a certain way but after a full year of breastfeeding and entering motherhood,  I’m extremely proud of myself for not giving up. Here’s a video highlighting my journey and what helped me survive a full year of breastfeeding:

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Favorite breastfeeding products:

  • Breast Pump – Nothing beats the Elvie pump in my opinion especially for the on-the-go mom.
  • Nursing Bra – I prefer nursing bras with an underwire. They offered more support and lasted longer for me. I highly suggest investing in a white, nude, and a black nursing bra.
  • Nursing pads – I never knew how important these where until I caught myself with a huge milk stain as I was casually shopping at Nordstrom. Moral of the story: Invest in them!
  • Nursing night gowns – It was challenging for me to find nursing night gowns that were actually cute but surprisingly, Amazon had a few options linked here and here. I also don’t always shop for”nursing” attire, If I find a cute blouse or lounge set that’s a button up like this Sleeper set, I do invest in it.
  • Nipple soothing pads – Your nipples will get sore and even bleed in some cases especially at the early stages of breastfeeding, these Mustela soothing pads provided me with instant relief and I liked the fact that you get to seal your nipples rather than have the gel go all over your nursing bra or pads.
  • Nursing pillow – Packed this with me to the hospital and it was so worth it. I used it for about 4 months until I got really comfortable with breastfeeding. You can also use it for tummy time for your baby.
  • Nursing Cover – I have invested in so many nursing covers and non worked for me except for this nursing shawl. Loved the material and style of it.

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