Ramadan Inspired Decor

Ramadan is one of my favorite holidays. And it’s quickly approaching! This year, I will get to spend it with my husband and daughter for the first time which means, no more of mama’s delicious Iftar and depending on her to create a Ramadan spirit.

So, I have taken it upon myself to try and create somewhat a positive atmosphere despite the circumstances we currently live in and prepare for the Holy Month using some cute products I’ve found online.

Decorative Lanters

ramadan decor

I’m obsessed with lanterns in general, it just gives off an oriental feel and reminds me of my childhood growing up in Abu Dhabi. I also have used them as decor for my Religious Ceremony which happened to be during the last days of Ramadan two years ago so you can say lanterns are pretty special to me which is why I will be placing a few in our Hawaii condo.  Here’s a few lanterns i’ve liked: 

Hamsa and Evil Eye Inspired Platters


ramadan decor

These are SO cute to serve your appetizers/snacks year round but will definitely help set the mood for Ramadan. I plan on filling them up with dates, dried apricots, nuts, and baklava! Here’s what I ordered:

Turkish Tea Cups

ramadan decor

Serving tea after dinner is an Arab ritual so you can’t let Ramadan pass by without having some eye-catching tea cups. I prefer using turkish tea cups so here’s a few options I recommend:

With Ramadan quickly approaching, I hope this post helped get you excited despite our quarantine state. I personally can’t wait to get creative and attempt to make iftar as delicious as my mom’s ?

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